"Nothing is off the table. At some point, there is a definite chance that we may see that. There’s a "twist" to Beth’s story that we look forward showing it."

OB creators (Will we ever see a Beth flashback?) SDCC panel (via 324b21-clone)
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Friendly reminder that this is canon and Lucy Quinn Fabray is gay for Rachel Barbra Berry.

Well, she’s gay in general but especially for Rachel.

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favorite character meme → [2/4]  relationshipsMeredith & Cristina

sarah paulson switching the name cards so tatiana could sit next to her

If you could spend the day with Regina, what would be on the itinerary? 

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me on a date: so who's your favorite clone?


Whedonverse Appreciation | Buffy Summers
 - [1/4] Locations

UC Sunnydale Dorm Room


Soooo I was going through the frames I took for the Jessilyn scene and…

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Tatiana Maslanys’ entrance to the Women Who Kick Ass panel. Pretty sure you can see Sarah Paulson, bottom left in the video, switching the name cards so that they are seated together. [x]


alison hendrix on her way to steal your man